Red Voodoo joins Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022

Last year in July, Red Voodoo teamed up with producer Frank Hannon and FHP band JT Loux to play at the Monsters of Rock Studio in Los Angeles. With a special appearance of Vixen guitarist Britt Lightning, Red Voodoo took the stage with Frank Hannon and JT Loux to do a cover of Sammy Hagar song “Rock and Roll Weekend”. It was an experience the band will be forever grateful for, as it was their first big introduction to the world of music.

Now a year later, the band has been invited onto the Monsters of Rock Cruise. They will be playing alongside many rock legends such as Skid Row, Vixen, Queensryche, Alice Cooper, and many more. While the cruise is mainly centered around acts from the 80s and 90s, Red Voodoo is a perfect fit, despite their young age. The band draws influences from the music of the 80s and wears it on their sleeve. As many people will tell you, Red Voodoos debut album sounds like it comes directly out of the 80s, however with a modern twist. Red Voodoo will certainly make it known that they belong on the cruise with so many greats.

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