Red Voodoo hanging out with Guy Fieri and Chad Kroeger at the Cabo Wabo

As previously mentioned, Red Voodoo recently returned from playing 4 nights at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. However, even before they started their string of shows, they quickly found themselves in the company of legends.

After the soundcheck, the band stayed at the Cantina to have some food and enjoy the house band “Julieta”. Soon word spread that Guy Fieri was going to make an appearance. After (drummer) Nick, (vocalist) Dino, and (guitarist) Davin hopped on stage to play a few songs with the house band. Fieri took notice and displayed his love for the band by telling them he would be present for their first show at the Cantina. Not much later, vocalist of the world famous rock band Nickelback, Chad Kroeger made an appearance as well. Being huge Nickelback fans, Dino and Davin rushed inside to meet the Canadian rocker. Owner of the Cantina, Jorge noticed and pointed at the boys to come and sit with Chad and Guy in the VIP booth. Chad spoke to Davin, while Guy was talking with Dino. While never meeting before, these strangers united by a common love of music, seemed like they had known each other for years. Something these young rockers won’t be forgetting.

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