DINO McCORD, vocals

DINO McCORD | Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

“As I was driving around on the back roads on a cold Saturday night getting away from the desolate streets of downtown Sacramento I was feeling really down about what was happening in the world. I started repeating to myself ‘you just got to rise up over all this man, it will all pass and you can be strong.’ I get home and I stay up till 4am in the morning just writing down what I’m feeling, this turned into the beginnings of the song ‘RISE UP!’. The next morning I sent Frank a message seeing what his thoughts are, we messed around with the song and even added a powerful chorus which really made it sound like it was made for an arena. This song I believe is going to resonate with a lot of people. We are all human beings and going through this tough time together. This song is about the COVID-19 pandemic but really can be about anything you are going through in life. You just have to Rise up and be strong.”


“I discovered music at a young age thanks to my parents. At 12 years old I was listening to bands like Van HalenMontroseY&T, the Eagles and the Beatles. I started off on the keyboards my father told me “if you can play the piano you can just about play anything. 

I started my first band in middle school. I was the keyboardist and played arena rock hits at all the local bars. Fast forward to Summer 2017. My Dad took me to go see Sammy Hagar and The Circle in South Lake Tahoe. I was already familiar with his catalog at 15. I knew all the songs and everything about Hagar’s career. After that show I knew I wanted to be a singer. 

I started to grow out my hair and practiced singing everyday in my garage. I had 5150 and OU812 on repeat belting it out in the shower. I started to get better and better. Then I soon realized maybe I do have what it takes. I started to listen to more soul artists such as Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. I went out and found members to form a Van Halen / Arena Rock tribute band over time we have turned into an original band that grabs inspiration from our heroes. My job currently is a lifeguard at my local recreation center in West Sacramento. I have just graduated high school and look to make music a full time job and career with my band. Entertaining people and  having all their worries go away for a few hours is what I want to accomplish when I’m performing on stage. Making it in the music business is going to take tenacity and dedication. Time to chase the dream!“