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Featuring Red Voodoo’s first LP with nine tracks total. The album “Bring It Back” is new rock music for a new era!

Produced by Frank Hannon


Wishing a very happy birthday to our lead singer Dino McCord! Hope you have a great day brother!


Sacramento’s rock band RED VOODOO is ready to take on the world with their debut album “BRING IT BACK” produced by Tesla’s guitarist, Frank Hannon. Red Voodoo’s sound is inspired by rock bands such as Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Boston, and Rush. The album embodies the new generation of rock n’ roll and what music is all about. From straight forward rock songs to emotionally driven ballads, each song tells a story. Red Voodoo is Dino McCord (lead vocals), Davin Loiler (lead guitar), Andrew Edwards (bass guitar), and Nick Pesely (drums). “Bring It Back” is out everywhere now!

RED VOODOO gained national attention during the summer of 2020 with their #1 Underground radio hit RISE UP, a song and video that expressed their feelings about isolation during the Covid-19 crisis and attracted the ears of their musical hero Sammy Hagar. Dino visited the legend for his birthday bash at Cabo Wabo and was invited to sing onstage with Sammy for a set of acoustic songs.

“The majority of songs on Red Voodoo’s debut album “BRING IT BACK!” were recorded in a live fashion. RED VOODOO has that youthful magical talent that makes the recording studio process fun.”


Frank Hannon


Multi-platinum selling recording artist

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